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 Erin is the daughter of a diplomat and his lovely wife who thought she had the perfect life. They traveled together going to wherever her father was assigned and together painted the picture perfect family. She was happy with that life though because her parents acted very affectionate as it is good for diplomats as well as politicians to be seen as having strong family ties, her father also had ambitions of running for Congress and was more than happy to show off the then twelve year daughter he and his wife seemingly adored. That was until the events leading up to the formation of what is called "Sub Diego".

At the time of the incident that created Sub Diego Erin was twelve years old. She had been on a school trip to the San Diego zoo with her class. While not all of them were effected by the accident enough were hurt or injured in some way that made the event a real disaster. They were very lucky that not too many people died and rescue workers were able to get there quickly. Rescue workers at the scene who came from the heavily damage naval base were able to help get Erin out of one of the fissures in the water she had gotten tossed into. She had a dislocated shoulder and a mild level concussion from the fall she had during the accident.

During the days that followed the accident she had trouble with craving water all of the time. She couldn't go more than a few hours without needing a glass of water. At first her Mother thought it was an attention seeking habit since Erin's parents were frequently too busy to spend a great deal of one on one time with her. After a business associate of Erin's Father pointed out Erin was actually looking pretty ill her parents took her to the doctor. That was when they discovered that like many people in the accident Erin was starting to show traits of becoming a meta-human. Discovering she was no longer normal was a shock to the girl. She had recalled many instances of her parents voicing that they didn't quite trust meta-humans. That was putting it very mildly.

Her parents were and to this day still are a part of a narrow minded extremist political movement that believes meta-humans are dangerous since a majority of them become super villains or heavily destructive super heroes. They had Erin placed in a group home rather than keep any connection to her what so ever. It was during this time Erin met a few Atlanteans who were now living in Sub-Diego and began to educate her in reading, writing, and speaking Atlantean since they assumed Sub-Diego would become part of King Orin's kingdom. This was also around the same time Atlantis was taken over by one of the Titans of Myth and many Atlanteans ended up living in Sub-Diego. Arthur Curry, known as King Orin to many of his subjects, moved to Sub-Diego at this time to be with the refugees from Atlantis.

At this point in Erin's life she had just turned fourteen. Arthur was also at that point someone she thought was pretty awesome. She had not quite yet become world weary to adults and world leaders just yet. Arthur was doing right by Sub-Diego too even with their Mayor still being Carl Durham. Also at the time Erin was still living in a sort of group home that had been set up in Sub-Diego for children and teenagers who didn't have family within the Sub-Diego community.

When Arthur went back to Atlantis and others went to the newly formed nation called Avalon Erin found herself going to Avalon beside her friends she had made. She was a little angry that Arthur had just left Sub-Diego. He had to her been such a huge member of the community she had spent the last few years in. This year she had just turned sixteen and had just gotten her GED as well as becoming an emancipated minor. Avalon was an experiment for a few hundred Amazonians who had been left behind as well as some Atlanteans who were fed up with the state of affairs in Atlantis after Arthur's wife Queen Mera disappeared.

It took Erin about three months of living on Avalon before she found permanent work. It was just a few scare days after she turned seventeen. At this point she has begun to count down until she turns eighteen and no longer has to think about her parents or the government past paying taxes and working hard. She was hired on as an assistant for a minor government official as a sort of executive assistant. She was a very efficient person to have around the office. After the first several months working there she found herself transferred over by accident to the leader of Avalon. To be clear Erin had lived on Avalon for roughly six months at this point. In this universe Tula of Atlantis had been revived several years ago and due to her experience she was the logical choice for leading Avalon even if they are trying to create a democratic republic for the small young nation. They needed someone who would work for the people. This all took place very shortly before the events called Blackest Night.

She took to being Tula's assistant as best she could and tried to organize the office so that the leader of their small nation could take a break now and then. Sadly it was better said than done as Tula was very determined to keep working. Erin really wanted to try and help the leader of Avalon out. She had a bit of hero-worship going on for the leader of Avalon. Something about Tula made Erin want to do her best for her boss. This went into over drive when it was discovered Tula's husband Garth was alive.

Being a still impressionable teenager in many ways Erin started to “ship” the married couple and found herself very happy for their reunion even if she didn't yet know Garth that well. For Erin it was just enough to see that Tula was happy. Shortly after Blackest Night Erin met Garth face to face as he was one of the ones who came back to life. Together they also ended up fighting the Aquaman villain Fisherman who was after some files in Tula's office. Erin will still admit she fought back using a stapler since the young secretary had never had to fight before that day. She also got to see magic used for the first time in her life. She finds it both fascinating and a little frightening due to the destructive potential she can see within it.

A few days following the attack by Fisherman Erin has as brief but memorable encounter with the newly risen from the dead Queen Hipplolyta who came to find out how the Amazonian residents of Avalon are fairing. To Hipploylta Erin seemed to be the very typical teenager when they first encountered each other. At first Hipployta had wondered if Erin was an adopted Sister to the Amazons, Erin quickly explained who she really was. While sometimes she still hates her parents for abandoning her Erin now views Sub-Diego as her home town. She even explained what she knew about how it came to be to the Amazonian Queen who had been dead for a few years before the events that made the new underwater city. The two struck up a brief friendship in which Erin was offered training since the Amazonian Queen thought Erin had spunk. Erin hasn't yet had a chance to go take the Queen up on that offer. Events on the island have kept the secretary busy.

It is actually here that Erin first really sees how other people react to Arthur. For a long time Erin had not really thought of him. Time-line wise this also happened very soon after Queen Hipployta visited the island. Sometimes people talked about Arthur and Atlantis so Erin has had time to learn about him. Tula was set on not exposing her secretary to Arthur's temper given that this meeting between Avalon and the King of Atlantis was going to be very explosive. Not only that but Tula was not sure if Avalon was going to be taken over by force due to Arthur's court making noise about unification following Blackest Night.

Erin herself didn't get to see much of this meeting. She got sent away to a back office after Mera went to meet Arthur for the first time since she came back. Arthur, Tula, and Mera worked out a trade agreement so that Avalon could remain independent of Atlantis. For now a minor crisis had been averted. Just after that the Titan's have their adventure in Hyper Time. Erin is never quite so sure what happened to Tula and Garth. Just that for a few days she had to field lots of frantic phone calls. Life for the people of Avalon was just very busy due to all of the fall out from Blackest Night. Erin thought she had never been more busy in her life. The events that happened right then all occurred within several weeks off each other.

It was only a few days after that first meeting that together and after the Hyper Time adventures ended that Arthur, Mera, Tula, Garth, and Erin went to go investigate the origins of the newest Fisherman. Garth had suspicions that something was up. Erin was brought along to help smooth anything over between the Atlantian Royalty, the leader of Avalon and her husband, and any local surface dwelling police department.

Erin wasn't sure what to make to Aquaman during this adventure. He was so different than the memories she had from when she was a kid. Frankly he was an impressive figure and as much as Tula seemed sometimes defensive about him from that meeting a few days before this. Part of Erin still had a great deal of respect for Aquaman. He seemed much more approachable than he had in the past. Not that they had time to talk during that little adventure.

Erin was too busy fighting off the strange creatures created by Gamemnae. It was never clear to Erin what that woman had wanted but Erin assumed it may have been a plot to eventually attack Atlantis directly. Erin had no doubt in her mind now that working for Tula as her assistant was going to be a fairly exciting job.

It is also after this adventure that Erin finds Tula is not so subtly encouraging her to try to go to college. At first Erin has some serious doubts about being able to go to school due to the fact she lacks stability when it comes to money. Erin also thinks that she wouldn't know what to do if she went to college.

Eventually Erin decides to start slowly touring different schools. Maybe eventually she will figure out what to do about the financial side of things. Even more importantly Erin is well aware she wants to know what kind of a degree she might want.

Her first pick to check out is the Gotham City University. Erin is impressed by just how well established the school is. The students seem friendly during her tour of the campus. Sadly in Erin's mind the athletics's department is lacking. Not enough pools for someone like her. During a break for lunch Erin meets a Gotham native around her age. She and Eddie strike up a fast friendship as they head into a local fast food joint so that Erin can get something to eat. A trio of low level criminals arrives at that point with an old freeze ray that got their hands on with the intention of holding up the restaurant. Due to quick thinking on both of their parts Erin and Eddie are able to stop the trio before anyone gets seriously hurt. Part of their success is due to the fact that Eddie is able to identify the freeze ray as an older model of one of Mr Freeze's weapons. While they are successful Erin hurts her arm during the scuffle when the freeze ray gets her. While it isn't nearly as bad as a full strength blast it still requires Erin to go to the Emergency room for a few hours.

Erin found out during that trip that Eddie didn't care she was a meta-human. It was a shock to find out she could make friends with someone who was both unpowered and unafraid of people who are just so vastly different. It was an eye opening experience for Erin and going forward from that Erin is now less apprehensive about interacting with people who come off as totally normal.
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1. Player Information
Username: chappaiguardian on aim, email: ,[ profile] chappaiguardian
Current characters in ToS: N/A
Reserve: Right here!

2. Canon Character Information
If your character is an original character, skip this and move onto the third section.

3. Original Character Information
If your character is a canon character, skip this and move on to the fourth section.
Name: Erin White
PB: Joss Stone
Journal: [personal profile] notsharkbait
Appearance: Erin is pretty tall for her age. She is about five feet and ten inches tall and looks like she hasn't quite settled into her height. Even when standing in place she has a hard time not playing with her hands. When she is thinking she will grab a lock of hair to twirl around a finger and wrinkles her nose up at the same time.

She also is very good at blending into the back ground if she doesn't want to be noticed. She can adopt the same kind of posture as the rest of a crowd and very carefully will not look at anyone to avoid drawing people to herself.
Home World: Erin was originally created for [Bad username or unknown identity: ”dc_nation”]. This is a DC based game that diverges from current canon. They do tings a bit differently over there some of the details in fact are a big reason why Erin was created,
History: Expanded history.
Powers/Talents: Erin is a very gifted student of languages. She has picked up some of the dialect of Ancient Greek that the Amazons on Avalon use. Enough to help them file paper work and order food.

She also speaks a tiny splash of German, French, and Spanish. She is really good speaking, reading, and writing Atlantean going up to the equivalent of a fifth grader.

Water adaptation: Erin is effected by the events that made Sub-Diego. She is adapted for living under water. She can breath under water and is in fact dependent on the water needing at least eight hours a day submerged otherwise she starts to get sick. Additionally her tissues and bones are much tougher to allow her to dive deeply as if she were a real Atlantean.

Low light vision: Erin can see better in lower light conditions than most being but there must be some source of light within roughly one hundred feet.

Super Strength: Erin is much stronger than a normal human able to lift up to one ton of weight.

Speed: She is NOT as fast as a true Atleantean only able to go about half their speed under water. This means while Aquaman can surpass a pod of dolphins Erin would be stuck in the middle of them.

The best way to describe Erin is this. She is a seventeen year old going on thirty. Being forced to grow up quickly Erin tried to balanced herself between being realistic about the world and wanting to see the best in people.

She thinks she was lucky to meet nice people to help keep her positive.

Erin is also a pretty cheerful person. She tries to find something to smile over every day. Usually it is just knowing she has everything handled and that her boss won't have any problems. This has helped her make friends with people who enjoy a bit of youthful enthusiasm though she doesn't really quite realize this is what some people like about her. She tends to not quite get why people might like her. There are things that just don't occur to her about herself due to poor socialization.

Like a very typical teenager Erin has also discovered her “inner shipper” as she calls it. She thinks people who are in love are totally the cutest thing ever, in her own words. If she has a chance to help said couple out she will sneakily, in her mind, try to do something nice for them. She thinks love is a beautiful thing.
For herself she doesn't really think she is capable of romantic love. She knows that she still has trust issues because of her parents. She still has trouble thinking of herself as a person instead of a freak because of how quickly they rejected her.

She is also afraid of really letting lose with her strength because she feels it sets her even further apart from the rest of humanity and leaves her feeling very much alone. She hates that.

She also hates never really having a place that feels like home. Her apartment back on Avalon doesn't even feel like 'home' to her even with the personal touches she has added. She isn't sure what home is supposed to feel like. These more negative feelings and attitudes about herself and her home life are things she won't readily talk about. She thinks that it would make her way too vulnerable to other people.

Why would your character be chosen? In spite of the hardship's Erin has dealt with in her teen years she has turned out fairly strong. She still retains a bit of innocence to her nature that could easily draw someone in. Even if she is not picked she could help others who may be selected.
How much does your character know about nonhumans? Erin is aware that aliens are a thing. She also knows Amazons are real. So are meta-humans, Atlanteans, and weird robots. Now she doesn't actually know as much as she could about any of them. She just knows the basics about the Atlanteans from her world and a bit about the current political climate in Atlantis since it effects Avalon.

Why this character: I really like Erin. I originally created her as sort of an in-game joke about Tula needing a secretary in the other game I play her in. I also used to play Erin in ToS and would love to come back to you guys.

4. Samples
Please either include a first-person entry that could be your character's first post on The Network, or a third-person prose or action spam sample that could be your character's reaction to arriving in Dagaz. For the other two samples, links to previous character examples are fine.

First-Person: (5+ sentences) Journal-entry style, written in the character's own voice.

Hello? [ She taps the device a few times. It comes off a bit muffled thankfully or that could be annoying. ]

Is this thing on?

[ Aah-ha! Now she sees how it works. Slowly her face comes into view. She gives a slight smile. ]

Sorry if I'm interrupting. I just found out about the housing situation. Really nice of them to house us after they kidnap us.

[ She gives a tense slightly annoyed look. ]

I'm sorry about this but I have.... certain needs that I have to address. Is there some place I can soak myself for at least eight hours a day?

If you can help, thank you. If not well I'm sorry for interrupting you.

Third-Person: Third person sample right there!
Third Sample: Erin made a frustrated sound as she slammed the door behind her. She couldn't help the way she reacted but she couldn't believe some of these people. They acted like she was a damn kid.

Okay. So they know she is seventeen years old. That shouldn't be such a big deal. Maybe she got used to being treated like an adult back in Avalon. She was old enough to have a job. Old enough to be on her own.

Then why did it sting so much to be treated like this? She can't figure it out. She just knows that every time someone tries to get her to back off a bit that it chafes.

She doesn't need parents. Parents are assholes. Don't they get it?
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"Sit up straight," her Mother hisses in her ear. Erin pulls a face because she really doesn't feel good. But she still had to dress up nicely and sit while her Dad talked with a business associate.

Her arm was still in a sling because she had also dislocated her shoulder during the earthquake. It was obvious to anyone but her parents that she was feeling pretty bad. She didn't understand why but she was thirsty all the time and her head hurt really badly right now. But her parents insisted on keeping her close tonight.

She knew latter she could go up to bed while her Dad and whoever this guy was went into her Dad's office to do business.

Her Father greets his guest with a smile.
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It's getting late and Erin is itching to find her way back to where she needs to be. The young woman doesn't like being out this late on her own. It's a cold fall night in New York City. The lights don't seem as bright to her right now.

And man suddenly it seems darker. Did she take a wrong turn? She doesn't know. She just knows she feels like someone is dancing on her grave and she wants out of here now. Still she can't find any street signs and she doesn't see anyone.

Though she could have sworn that she could hear people just up ahead.

What's weird is she can't see anyone though. The more she thinks about it the more it's unsettling.

"Okay that's it. I'm getting out of here," she grumbles moving forward.
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Erin White had been ready to start her day. She was about to start sorting things to get sent to their version of a mail center when she got a notice stating that she had been reassigned to act as an assistant for someone else. That was puzzling for the teenager but she could deal with it.
She checked her work clothes then grabbed her things so she could move to her new work station. She saw it had just been set up and sat her bag down and had to force herself to take a few deep breaths.

Then looked back down at the notice in her hands. This was weird. She had heard that this official didn't want help or really need one. At least that was the word way down in the bullpen. She decides she should check in first before she got to work.

So she gives a knock on the office door and holds her breath.
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Player (nickname, handle): Beth
Player's main LJ journal: [ profile] gale_dragoon
Character name: Erin Margret White
New character LJ journal (if already created): [ profile] notsharkbait
Physical description (face, build, weight): Erin is a tall girl standing at about five teen and ten inches. She's a bit heavier than average (around 180 pounds) for her height and has lightly tanned skin from enjoying the outdoors.

Her eyes are also brown and she wears her hair pretty long.
Abilities: Erin can breath underwater and has the bone and muscle structure to survive going down as far as a natural born Atlantean can go. She has increased strength and endurance that one would expect for someone who spends all of their time swimming and also has the capability of matching a teenage Atlantean when it comes to lifting and moving things.

She also has low light vision adapted for seeing where there is very little light.

She can also read Atlanean up to what could be called a fifth-grade reading level and has excellent organization skills. She can also speak some German, a great deal of French, and can understand Spanish well enough to follow a basic conversation.

Weaknesses and flaws: She is a teenager and is still growing. At times her superior strength will fail her because her body is still growing and isn't used to the added strain. Erin is prone to depression due to her familial situation and will need reassurance from friends that she has a place in the world.

Also as a teenager she has an idealized view of the world that she doesn't want changed so she will plainly ignore things that don't match up to how she thinks things should be.

And Erin has discovered she gets violently ill if she spends more than three days out of water By that it means she has trouble keeping food down and will get a migraine if she can't be in water.

Base of operations: Avalon

Alignment (villain, hero etc): Hero

Relatives (living or dead): Arron White (Father, living) Rachel Louise White (Mother, living) Darwin White( younger brother, living), Anna Porter( Aunt, living)

Backstory: Erin is the daughter of a diplomat and his lovely wife who thought she had the perfect life. They traveled together going to wherever her father was assigned and together painted the picture perfect family. She was happy with that life though because her parents acted very affectionate as it is good for diplomats to be seen as having strong family ties, her father also had ambitions of running for Congress and was more than happy to show off the teenager daughter he and his wife seemingly adored. That was until the events leading up to the formation of what is called "Sub Diego". Discovering she was no longer normal was a shock to the teenager.

Getting kicked out of her parents home was worse once they figured out what was wrong and she was forced to stay in Sub Diego as she had no more options. It broke her heart and it hurt her even more that her parents refused to talk to her. It hurt to think that they cared more about their image than they did about her.

When Atlantis was taken over by Titans of Myth and many Atlanteans ended up in Sub Diego Erin met an elderly scholar who ended up taking her under his wing. He had wanted a student for a long time anyways and it suited them both just fine since he could distract her with things to study.

When Arthur went back to Atlantis and others went to Avalon Erin found herself going to Avalon beside her teacher. She was eventually hired on as an assistant for a minor government official as a sort of intern since she was good at keeping his things in order so he didn't feel like such a slob and Erin often found herself running errands for everyone since she was the lowest ranking person there and could blend in pretty well.

She's still adjusting to life in Avalon still Before the events of Blackest Night there was a clerical mistake that lead to Erin finding herself as Tula's new assistant. She took to that as best she could and tried to organize the office so that the adult wouldn't get eaten alive by all of the work she had to get done.

What would you like to do with the character? What sorts of heroes/villians would you be interested in interacting with? There shall be shenanigans with Atlantis and Avalon. I want to see Erin involved as someone on the Avalon side. As she isn't truly "of the sea" like most others she would have a unique perspective as a meta-human who has a surface-worlders point of view when it comes to how things are done.

And I want to see her decide to fight to protect her home as she will feel like she has no place else to go.

I also plan on there being plenty of shenanigans that comes with being Tula's secretary. It won't be 'easy' and I want to play around with how their relationship as boss and employee will evolve after Blackest Night and especially once things start to get moving politically with Atlantis.


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